A Bridesmaid’s Guide to the Perfect Shower

Hi, guys! Happy Friday!

Today I am going to be talking about 6 ways to throw the perfect bridal shower for your sister, friends, whomever! I am currently planning a shower for my brother and his fiance, & since party planning is my life, I figured I would give some tips and tricks on how to make this experience fun & stress free! Keep reading to find out how…


Before you set out to find the perfect venue for the bride, it is important to know what you want to do. Lay out options that match the bride’s personality, style and interests (after all, the day is about her). Is she the whimsical type who would love a garden or tea party? Is she more classic, and wants an old-school Hollywood feel for her shower? Is she laid-back and would love just a casual back-yard party with all her fav girls? Having a clear outline of what you want this shower to evoke will help set a clear path for every piece of planning moving forward.


Set a budget and stick with it. If you are going in on the shower with other bridesmaids or moms, decide exactly how much everyone is willing to contribute and stay within that. Being in a wedding is expensive, and being a bridesmaid means there are plenty of things to spend money on. Figure out what the must have’s are for the shower, price everything out and work from there. There are a ton of budgeting buddies that you can find online that help you keep track of where your money is going (so good for everyday budgeting, too!). I use Mint.com – it’s so easy. You can just link up all of your accounts right to Mint and they help you stay organized and save money!


Now that you have your theme & budget decided, it’s time to find a venue. The obvious choice is to go with a restaurant or banquet facility. These are perfect options if you want to keep things simple and have the caterer do all of the f&b planning. These people do this everyday, so they def. know what they are doing! Do a little research and ask to come in for a tasting if you are not familiar with their menu. It is also okay to stray from the original menu they give you! Ask if they are able and willing to add in fav dishes of the bride or ones that mesh well with your theme. If you choose to be a little more adventurous, the options are endless! Breweries, wineries and food trucks are hot, hot, hot right now – so why not jump on the wagon and give it a try! Explore less traditional venues and bring in your favorite outside caterer – or even have the bridal party pitch in and everyone can bring a dish. You know the bride and her likes & dislikes, so choose a venue for her!


About 6 weeks before the shower date, you need to send out your invites. If you are trying to save some $$$, Walgreen’s does a beautiful job with invitations. You can customize them and make them however you want and you’ll save money in the process. If you’re not into the DIY invitation idea, Minted is a great resource. They are not overly expensive and there are hundreds of layout and themes to choose from. Make sure you include all the details of the actual event (date, time, place, etc.), but don’t forget to include something about the theme! This way people will dress appropriately. Also be sure to include any registries the bride and groom are part of.


There are so many unique, cute, inexpensive favors you can give out at the shower. DIY’s may seem time consuming, but if you get together with the entire bridal party you’ll knock them out. Some ideas to consider are sugar lip scrubs, mini wine bottles with a personalized label, a garden-in-a-jar – anything that blends well with your theme. Pinterest it up; there are no shortages of DIY favors. Be sure to add a little tag to each favor with a cutesy quote pertaining to the shower theme & bride (ex: if you a do a “Love Is Sweet” theme and give out homemade sugar lip scrubs, add a card with something like “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You”


Throwing any event can be stressful. The weeks leading up to it include serious organization and time-management. Make sure that when the day come you have fun! Even if everything does not go exactly as planned (as it seldom does…), just go with the flow and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Regardless of everything else, the bride is most happy about spending time with her loved ones so shower her in love and let the rest be. Also indulge in a glass of champagne or two .. I mean, you deserve it!

With love & lilies,


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