March Goals

Happy March! I know I’m a few days late, but I like to make my monthly goals during the first week of the month (so in my book, I’m right on time!). So I’ll be honest, usually my goals overlap from month to month because I just can’t get everything in in time. But I’ve been trying to be more realistic about what I want to accomplish and ways to actually achieve these goals. Oh, and just to be clear – my goals are not to save the planet or adopt an orphaned child from another country. They usually revolve around me finishing one of the 15,000 books I’ve bought, but never even opened, or committing to going for a morning walk every day of that month. These are not life-changing goals, but I think it is important to take time to check off the little things that pile up. It’s nice to feel accomplished so I try to keep my monthly goals as something that, if I put in a minimal amount of effort, I can actually complete. Keep reading to find out the 7 goals I have set for March!


Every month I set this goal for myself. I love to walk outside with my dogs, but more and more often I find myself coming home from work and climbing into bed to watch my shows. For March, my goal is to wake up an hour earlier and take my girls to a nearby park to go for a morning stroll. I’m sure this does not seem like a big deal goal – a lot of people walk their dogs 3 or 4 times a day – but I have lazy dogs and I, too, am a bit lazy. Hopefully by having a plan in action and the increasingly beautiful weather will be a motivator for me to stick with it this month!


I need to budget better. No, actually I need to budget in general. I set small milestones in my bank account to reach each month and I usually hit them, but I waste so much money on things I absolutely do not need. My plan of action for this one is to start writing down everything I spend each day. Hopefully this will make me more aware of how much I actually spend on a day-to-day basis. My goal is to cut my spending by 1/4 – which is perfectly realistic. It is going to take some serious will power to say no eating out for the 4th time that week and passing on happy hour, but I know how important healthy spending habits are for my future. If you have any tips or tricks on how you budget more wisely, please share them with me!


I don’t floss everyday. Sometimes I don’t even floss every week. When I was waitressing, I flossed before every shift (so almost every single day). My gums were in tip-top shape. Now, I sit in an office and have very little face-to-face time with anyone other then coworkers. I have become so lax on flossing, that when I do, my gums hurt for hours afterwards. My goal for March is to get back in the good habit of taking care of my gums. It literally only take 3-4 extra minutes to floss so I really don’t have an excuse not to. Also – I have a dentist appointment in 2 weeks, so I am sure my hatred of getting in trouble by the hygienist will be a strong motivating factor to get my butt into flossing-gear!

sweat w kayla.png

If you know what Sweat with Kayla is then you know it is extremely challenging. I am tired after the first round of round 1! I bought this exercise guide 2 years ago and still have not finished BBG round 1. The exercises are hard and they work every muscle in your body. I usually will do the first week, but by the time Monday of week 2 rolls around I am so sore that I start improvising and cheating my way through the guide. This eventually leads me to basically not be following it at all by week 4 and then I just stop altogether by week 5 because I really hadn’t been doing it anyways, so whats the point?? This is an awful way to think about it. March will be my month to do the guide as it is intended to be done for 4 weeks straight. I know that this is going to suck, but I need something to shock me back into working out. Like I said about walking and flossing, I am just very relaxed about everything (and by relaxed, I mean lazy). It is to a point now that I feel complacent about just eating anything I want and drinking wayyyy too many calories at happy hour. March will be the month that I skip margaritas and chips & guac, and get my sweat on, instead.


I don’t compliment people enough. I don’t have a solid reason why I don’t, but I have always shied away from being to complimentary – probably in fear of looking desperate. At 24, though, I want to be a nicer person. I want people to think of me fondly and know that I always had something nice to say. I used to roll my eyes when I would hear some one referred to as a “sweetheart,” now I want people to say that about me. I am a nice person, but I have only recently realized how much I like when I make someone else feel good. Compliments are such a simple, quick way to make someone’s day. This is why my goal this month is to compliment someone every single day. How easy of a goal is that?? I am so sure that this small act will have a hugely positive impact on others, but more importantly myself. I want to feel like I am leaving a positive footprint wherever I go and I want this to be the first step.

Read 2 books.png

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times – I love to read. I find myself making reading less and less of a priority, though. I have committed to reading 2 books this month (which really is nothing). Book 1: The Zookeepers Wife. I have started this book too many times to count. I read a little, then I don’t pick it up for another 3 weeks. It is a terrible habit I am trying to break. The story is about WWII era Poland and how a prominent zoo keeper and his wife help hide Jews. There is also a movie coming out soon based on the book! Book 2: We Need To Talk About Kevin. This book is about a mother dealing with a son who has serious mental problems. This book is a little out of my normal realm, but I’ve heard such great things about it that I am excited to read it.


I used to do bed-time yoga every night before bed. I really found a sense of peace and I slept wonderfully (so I highly recommend practicing if you have trouble sleeping!). I would like to get back into the habit, but I think I will start with meditation. The good thing about meditating is that you can do it anywhere. I’ve read about ways to do it at your desk at work, on the train or even in the shower. I am always looking for new things to ground me and make me feel a connection, so I am going to practice meditation a few times a week. I will most definitely keep you all posted of whether I see an impact!

What are your March goals? Let me know if any of mine inspired you to work in that area of your life, as well.

With love & lilies,


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