April Goals

Happy April, loves! We are officially in my favorite time of year 🙂 Finally the weather is starting to get nice, Easter is right around the corner (side note: Easter falls on my girl Lulu’s birthday!), and I get to start wearing sandals! It is a serious struggle for this girl to be in closed toe shoes all fall & winter.

I’ve finally decided on my monthly goals for April, and since I’m pulling through my self-diagnosed seasonal depression, I’m hoping I’ll stick with these a little better than I did with my March goals. Keep reading to find out what my goals are for this month!

Follow RunStart

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I joined a beginner’s running group called RunStart. It started in the beginning of March and there is “homework” for each day to build up to being able to run a 5K with no problem. I haven’t been following it, like, at all. I just restarted the program this week and I am making this my number one goal to follow it every single day. I’m not in love with running, but I made a commitment when I joined this group and I want to see it through. This goal is partially about health and feeling better physically, but equal parts about knowing that I can finish something that isn’t my favorite. The way I see it, if I follow through, it is a step in the right direction to being a real-live adult!

Blog Calendar

I have no real rhyme or reason to my posts. I chalk this up to being new to blogging, but I feel disorganized whenever I sit down to write something. I have a list of post topics and I just randomly choose which one I will do whenever I have some free time. For someone who is actually super organized and likes to see details in everything – this system is not working. So, I have decided to look into implementing a calendar for my posts. I know that there are some online platforms that other bloggers love, but I am also considering just kicking it old school and organizing via a paper calendar on my desk (inset shocked emoji here). I’m hoping that by having a calendar to stick to, my blog will be somewhat more consistent and I’ll be able to get a grasp on what people are interested in reading from me. Any recommendations you may have, please send them my way!

Organize Closet.png

This chore is long overdue. In literally every other part of my life, I will just toss anything that I haven’t used for, like, 5 minutes. I don’t like clutter, so I get rid of things really easily. Except for my closet. I recently went through my drawers and legit found things from 5 years ago in there. Things with tags that I’ve never even worn. I donated a good chunk of clothes to Good Will and I honestly slept so much better that night. Now it’s time for part 2: the closet. I don’t know about you, but my closet is an organized disaster. Everything is in its place, but I have jeans in there from high school that I don’t even fit into anymore (not that I would want to wear any of them anyways…). I feel like the things in my closet hold memories so I struggle a little more with cleaning it out. But this is the month to do it. I can’t stand looking at it anymore. I’ll just have to keep reminding myself that the more old stuff I get rid of, the more space for new things.


So, I have always had good skin. It is somewhat dry, but I have never struggled with acne or redness or anything like that. I also don’t have any dark spots or discoloration despite having had several bad sunburns throughout my life. I consider myself extremely lucky, but I know that I don’t take well enough care of my skin. I always sleep in my make-up (although I don’t wear foundation, so I like to think that it’s not as bad as it sounds), I never wash my face with any face wash, and I am not consistent with moisturizer or SPF. These are all terrible habits that I have practiced for the past 24 years. That is why I have decided to make April the month that I take a step to pay attention to my skin. I am not sure quite what my skincare regimen will be yet, but I am dedicated to trying a few different things and seeing what I like the best. I will keep you posted on my journey!

Cut back on alcohol

I can drink. I also really like to drink. I also really love to drink and then eat everything. So, I have decided to cut back on alcohol. It really is just empty calories that, in my case, lead to even more empty calories (like an entire thing of brie, or a bag of chips and whole jar of salsa, or quesadillas from Taco Bell…). I am trying to do things that will help me live a good life, and while drinking is fun, I don’t need to drink all the time. My plan is to still have a few drinks when I want to, but limit it to a couple of times a month for April. Come the summer, I am hoping that I will have reset my body a little bit and I’ll feel better as a whole. Life is all about moderation, so I am slowly teaching myself new habits.

Redo Dresser

I have had this project on my list since last spring. I have a tall dresser and a bureau that are both some type of brown wood. The plan is to re-finish them with some chalk paint (color TBD),cover the drawers with some type of wall paper, and change the hardware. It is not a super involved project, but I just keep putting it off because it means I will have to empty out my drawers and then reload them up (first world problems). I am also not super handy when it comes to DIY’s, so I always need a helper. But I have firmly decided that I will redo my dressers this month and give them a cute little face-lift. I might even write a post to document how easy/hard it is to do …

Read 2 Books

And last, but not least, my every month goal. As you know, I love to read, but carving out time to sit down and dive into a book can be difficult. Last month I was supposed to read The Zookeeper’s Wife  and We Need To Talk About Kevin, and I didn’t read either. Instead I read Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please for the third time… So this month, I have The Zookeeper’s Wife on my list again, and I have added The Art of Racing In The Rain. All I know about this book is that it is about dogs, which I love, and a coworker recommended it to me with a very high approval rating.

There are my April goals – what are yours?

With love & lilies,


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