Easter Flower Arrangements

Happy hump day, loves! Over the weekend, I got kinda pinteresty and tried my hand at making some Easter flower arrangements. Surprisingly, it went okay! I had so much fun picking out all of the flowers, and then when the end result ended up being pretty cute, it felt like a Pinterest success story (by my standards, at least)! I even inspired one of my girlfriends to create her own flower arrangement (you’re welcome, Hira). Keep reading to get my step by step to some super cute, Pinterest-inspired flower arrangements!

I started by getting a couple of different shaped vases for the arrangements. I wasn’t quite sure how things would look, but improvised as I went. I got the vases from Hobby Lobby in a couple of different shapes. I had a rough vision for what I wanted the arrangements to look like, but wasn’t entirely set on anything – so I went for options.

I got all of the flowers at Stop & Shop. They have a good selection for the novice floral arranger and they were surprisingly super affordable. I got a couple of bouquets of tulips (orange and purple), some mixed bouquets in a similar color scheme, some filler flowers (they are little and white and round – not sure what kind they are!), and some eucalyptus leaves. I also picked up some carrots, peeps and a couple of lemons. It was an odd assortment, and I didn’t really know what I would do with all of these things, so I just hoped for artistic genius to strike (…it didn’t).

I tried to google a process for making the perfect floral arrangement, but came up with basically nothing. So I decided to just wing it! I chopped up the carrots because I knew I wanted to frame the vase with them. I cut down the tops so they were nice and clean and all about the same size. Then I sliced them down the middle, long ways, so there was more space for the flowers. Next, I just started arranging the flowers however I felt looked best. It took a few tries to get them all the right lengths and to make the vase look full, but not too full.


I mixed different types of flowers to add contrast. The tulips were the main attraction, since they are some of my fav flowers, but it was fun to add in a bunch of different types. In my (completely unprofessional) opinion, having a lot of contrast in the arrangement makes it look a lot more appealing. After playing around with the carrot arrangement for a while, I eventually got to a point where I really liked how it looked. It is such a fun arrangement because it looks like the flowers are growing out of the tops of the carrots!


I worked on a couple of other arrangements with the flowers that I still had. I managed to make a cute little peep-inspired vase by placing a glass cup inside the oval vase and then stacking the peeps on top of each other in alternating colors. I filled it with bright yellow and white flowers for a nice pop on the table. Lastly, I made an arrangement filled with the white filler flowers I had left over and the purple tulips. I filled the vase with lemon slices to add something different. I actually really like the way that one came out!


These arrangements were so easy, super affordable and look adorable! I could not be happier with the way they all came out. I am so sure they will be a hit on my dinner table on Sunday!


Be sure to let me know if you make your own flower arrangements so I can see how I stack up!

With love & lilies,



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