How To Go From The Office To Happy Hour

Hi! It’s Tuesday, which means we are far enough into the week to attend happy hour without being judged (right?). If you work in an office, then you know the struggle I am about to describe. You wake up and get yourself work ready: minimal make-up, business casual outfit, presentable hair. You’re working your day away when your bestie hits you up with the “drinks” text. Obvs. you’re going to say yes. You confirm all of the details and you’re ready for action. You make a quick pit-stop in the bathroom before you leave work and, as it turns out, you clearly have not confirmed all of the details for happy hour. You look like an office-maiden. You need to look happy hour chic. Luckily for you – I have been in this position sooo many times throughout my short career that I’ve got you! Follow these quick tips and you will be ready to take on happy hour straight from the office.

bring dry shampoo

Seriously – invest a in mini bottle of dry shampoo. Legit like $3 at Target. This will be a life saver. I never really go all out with my hair for work. I usually style it Monday morning and wear it until I can’t any longer. After sitting in a dry, stale office all day – my hair needs a little TLC before heading out. A quick once-over with some dry shampoo and voila suddenly I have volume and texture where I was once flat and dull. I always feel more confident with a little life in my hair so this is always #1 on my agenda before I head out.


Sometimes I dress it up for work, sometimes I dress it wayyyy down. My MO when it comes to happy hour is to show up like you’re meant to be there. For those days when work is getting a glimpse of the real me (aka leggings and flats), I always keep a pair of shoes in the car. Usually a neutral with a decent heel and a little flair. This way, when I show up supes casual, I can at least feel a little fancy rocking some sexy af shoes.


I always do the same makeup for work. It is flattering, but simple since I’m sitting at desk, not strutting the runway. When I have to beat this face on the fly for hh, I grab my eyeliner and wing like crazy. Nothing says HBIC then a girl with a fierce wing. Even if I look frumpy in my (super casual) work clothes, at least my makeup will be on point. Plus, it takes like 5 whole seconds to wing your liner, so it really is a no brainer.


My last key to going from the office to happy hour – double up on the mascara. I always feel like a boss when my lashes are black and bold. As I’ve mentioned, Too Faced Better Than Sex is my go-to. I find that I can layer on top of my morning mascara at the end of the day, and my lashes do not look super clumpy. A trick is to keep a clean spooly with you and brush out your mascara’d lashes before you re-apply. This way you help avoid build up in the same spots the second time around.

Am I missing any tricks to make the most of my post office happy hour look?

With love & lilies,


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