Summer 2017 Wish List – Bag Edition

Chloe Drew Leather Shoulder Bag

I cannot begin to tell you the heart eyes I have over this Chloe Drew Leather Shoulder Bag. Everything about this bag is perfect. I’m a sucker for a blush bag and gold hardware. The shape is perfect, the style is perfect, the color is perfect. Plus, it’s Chloe, which is such a reliable and classic brand that even though this bag is pricey – you are 100% getting your money’s worth.

Ted Baker Cat Leather Crossbody Bag.jpg

I bought this Ted Baker London Cat bag last week and I cannot get over how much I love it! If you know me, then you know that I lovelovelove puppies & kittens. When I saw this, I fell in love with the style. I got it in the blush pink with the rose gold chain and I could not be happier with this purchase. It is just way too cute!

Steven By Steve Madden Jessence Beaded Pouch

How sweet is this little embroidered Steven by Steve Madden Jessence Beaded Pouch?! I can’t get over how handy it will be for casual summer nights. The colors are beautiful and I can’t say no to some good embroidering and beading. And with a price tag of under $60 there’s really no downside to this cute little number.BP Scalloped Faux Leather Tote.jpg

I love scallops. I love blush pink. I love a good tote bag. And I really love an under $50 price tag. Luckily for me, this adorable BP Scalloped Faux Leather Tote combines all of my favorite things (minus dogs and Prosecco…) It is so perfect for summer with the adorable scallop detailing and it is big enough to hold all your beach essentials. Absolutely adore this bag!

Mar Y Sol Ibiza Woven Tote with Tassels

Much like that cute little Steve Madden clutch, this Mar Y Sol Ibiza Woven Tote is giving me major island vibes. Soooo perf for summer days and nights. Its spacious, casual and has those adorable little tassels to add some real summer vibes. And, it is so affordable it can’t even be real.

Fendi Small Kan I Scallop Leather Shoulder Bag.jpg

You know I had to throw in a real-deal splurge in here. This Fendi Small Kan I Scallop Leather Shoulder Bag is basically what my dreams are made of. It’s black – which isn’t perfect for summer, but black keeps it’s #1 spot in my wardrobe year round, so I think this little beauty will feel right at home. I mean, honestly, how cute is the scallop detailing?!

Kate Spade Camel Case.jpgSkinnydip Pineapple Bling Case.jpg









Just as a little added bonus – I’m including 2 adorable summery phone cases. First up – this Kate Spade Camel case … I mean, does it get much cuter? Not only am I in love with the colors and detailing on the camel, but it also has one of my fav phrases so I can feel like Gil & George all the time (does anyone know what that means?). Next, this adorable Skinnydip Pineapple Bling case. I love pineapples. Half of my home decor is centered around them. Pineapples are also the international sign for hospitality which is what I went to school for, so to say this case is giving me some major feels might be a slight understatement.

Let me know any summer must-have bags on your list!

With love & lilies,


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