2017 Birthday Wishlist

Hi, loves! Welcome to my birthday week! I’m going to round-up my birthday wishlist (although I’m perfectly happy with my friends and some prosecco) with the things that I would legit die if I ever got. Keep reading to find out what they are!

louis-vuitton-city-steamer-mm-taurillon-leather-handbags--M53017_PM2_Front view.jpg

I have had my eye on this Louis Vuitton City Steamer MM bag for a while now. I love how classic and timeless it is. I always look for a bag that can be used now and in the future when I make a splurge purchase. I want to be sure that I get my money’s worth. This one comes with a big price tag – but the structure, style and color of this bag are so clean and chic, I am positive I will be able to wear it for years.


Next up on my wishlist – these adorable scalloped Chloe Espadrille sandals. They clearly give a lot of height, which is the main reason I haven’t splurged on these yet. I’m pretty tall as it is (5’8”) so I have to be mindful of how high my shoes are. I still rock pretty high shoes because IDGAF, but $600+ price tag, I want to be sure I’ll wear them enough to justify spending the money on them. I tested it out with the cheaper Marc Fisher version and I love them, so it may be time for me to dive into these beauties ..


I have just about 70000 pairs of sunnies. I always go for the same type of shape and lenses because I know it looks good. These Dior Nightfall 65mm sunnies are neither the shape, nor the lens color I go for. I am still on the fence about if the round lense works with my face, but I’m actually kind of in love with these? The lense is not as dark as I usually go for, nor is it as big as I typically like, which is probs why I am hesitant to move forward with this purchase. But now that I am another year older, now might just be the time to try something new.


So if you didn’t already know .. I love watches. I just can’t get over how cute this Kate Spade pinwheel watch is! I usually stick with white/gold/blush watches, so it will be nice to have a little color mixed in there. Not to mention, the pinwheel is just too adorable. I love how simple it is.


I need this Natasha Denona Sunset Palette. I’m usually a matte girl – but these colors are sooo beautiful I just can’t resist. Every single color in this palette is something I would wear. I love finding new shades to play with and the whole aesthetic of this palette is legit just to die for. I love that is mixes together matte colors with super shimmery and metallic tones to really create a sunset inspired look.

Am I missing anything from my birthday wishlist?

With love & lilies,



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