25 Things For My 25th Year

Hi lovelies! So, I turned 25 last month! I cannot even believe that that is a true sentence. It seems like I was just riding the bus to middle school, and now I’m a full grown adult (kind of). Here are 25 things I’ve learned and hope to learn in my 25th year.

1. There is nothing that cannot be fixed by puppy kisses. No matter what happens, or how bad of a day your having, I promise you will feel better once you get a sloppy pupper kiss.

2. You can only argue about something so many times. There is no point in trying to make others agree with you or see your side if they don’t want to. And arguing and being upset with someone only diminishes your happiness. If you keep having the conversation and it never goes anywhere, it’s time to let it go.

3. Know your truth. One of my fav. movie quotes, but also surprisingly relevant. Know your truth, and stand by what you believe, even if other’s don’t see things the same way.

4. Take a break when you need a break. Honestly, take a break even when you don’t.

5. Be fiercely loyal to those who matter. 24 was the year that I really realized how much loyalty means to me. Without it, there is no relationship. Stand up for the ones you love and never make them question if you’re on their side. And if you have to question if some one is on yours, it’s time to re-evaluate things.

6. Exercising sucks, but is important. I think that about covers it.

7. You have to take the risk to get the reward. Try things and mess up or be great or hate it or love it or feel indifferent, but at least you tried it.

8. Compliment people because it makes them feel good. I never used to compliment people for some reason. But I made it a goal to start and it is incredible how much one nice word can mean to some one. Trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot better, too.

9. Ice cream is the best. Any day of the year, any time of the day.

10. Positive thinking will change your life. It sounds cliché (because it is), but positivity changes everything. Always be grateful to have a glass, but choose to view it as half full. A positive mind leads to positive relationships which leads to a positive life.

11. Drink as much coffee as you want. 

12. Drink as much wine as you want. Just make sure you can make it to work the next morning.

13. Notice who supports your dreams and never forget that. I started a blog – it’s certainly not the risk of the year or reaching for the stars, but it is something that I wanted to do. I didn’t tell a lot of people because I didn’t want to hear the snide comments. The people I did tell have liked every single picture, read (some of) my blog posts, and have contributed in helping me be successful. That means more than they know and I will never forget their support.

14. Know when something is toxic and let it go. There is something to be grateful for every single day, why would you want to ruin it by surrounding yourself with negative energy? Realize that it’s wrong and let it go.

15. Don’t be embarrassed if something doesn’t go as planned. If you try something and you don’t like it, who cares? Move on to the next things you want to try. Whatever you do – don’t be complacent. Always try something new. And if people have something to say about you “failing” tell them to suck it.

16. Sing on the top of your lungs in the car to Whitney even though you’re tone deaf. It’s just fun and sure as shit, Whit’s up there loving every second of your performance.

17. Tell people when they’re being ass holes. If you don’t like how some one is treating you, tell them. Don’t worry about saving face. You don’t have to take shit from anyone. It’s called feminism. Read a twitter. #it’s2016womencandoshitnow

18. Buy the shoes if you want the shoes. They may not have your size next time…

19. Remind your mama that you love her. If your mom is anything like mine, then she’s done everything for you your entire life and hasn’t asked for much in return. Tell her you love and appreciate her every single day.

20. Give your hair a break. You put it through a lot so make sure you take care of it and let it live its life every once in a while (even if you look like a crazy person).

21. Go to bed at a reasonable hour. And drink enough water. Your body will appreciate it.

22. Love yourself. Like really love yourself. If you love yourself, others will love you. No one likes a self-loathing whiner and everyone has insecurities. What matters is how you face those insecurities and best them.

23. Be patient. I am the first to admit that I get annoyed very easily. It’s important, though, to be patient with others as they figure things out. Just because you think you know the best way to do something (everything), doesn’t mean you’re always right. Hear people out and take the time to understand them.

24. Karma is real. I’ve seen it first hand. Practice love, patience and giving and those things will come back around.

25. You don’t always have to be nice. I can’t stand a person who is condescending and rude just because they view them self as more important. And I also don’t like jellyfish who try to please everyone, but really just don’t have a backbone. Be nice when you should be nice, but don’t compromise your integrity for anyone. Be an HBIC. Get shit done. You can be a good person and still not take shit.

With love & lilies,


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