The Best Rugs to Spice Up Your Living Space

I love neutrals. I want everything to be white and gray and more or less monochromatic. White or light gray walls. White cabinets. White (or gray or beige) furniture. Give me all the neutrals and I will be a happy girl. Buuttttt, I also love me a pop of color. And I love pinks and oranges and maroons. And I love patterns (heyyyyy, leopard print). So my motto so far has been to keep the big pieces neutral, and use accent pieces to spice it all up. This allows for you to change a space as your style changes, but without having to drop a ton of cash every time you connect with a new look (every 15-20 minutes). Because, tbh, I don’t have all the money to keep up with whats in today, so I’d rather invest in pieces that are universal, and mix it up with items that are cheap to update. So, I’ve decided to round up my all time fav accent rugs to help create whatever trendy af look your going for this week as part one of my “redesign on a dime” series (pretty sure I stole that from somewhere).

Target Rug Pink.jpg

Is there anything that Target doesn’t do perfectly? This rug is just my style. There’s a lot of pink – which may make it seem a little feminine, but because there are a lot of colors working in this rug, you can easily accent your throw pillows and blankets and even your curtains and lamps with more masculine hues. It also has pretty nice looking price tag at under $400 for an almost 7’x9′ rug. I’m pretty much in love.

Traget Rug 2.jpg

Suprise! This one is from Target, too. It is a little more laid back and low key, so I feel like it is much less intimidating. Still perfect to add a little razzle dazzle to the space, but not so overwhelming. Also, the gray ties in perfectly with just about everything and the pastel shade of the pink and yellow keeps it fitted for a relaxed room.

Lulu & Georgia Rug.png

This is my all time favorite rug I have ever come across and will also be the focal point of my living room once I get my own apartment. Similar to the first Target one, but I just love it a million times more. This rug is from Lulu & Georgia, which happens to be my fav place to shop for home goods. Stupid expensive, but everything on that site is gold. I think the reason I love this rug so much is because I have a strong desire to have a navy blue couch and this is my future navy couches soulmate. It has all of the colors I love, is worn looking, and speaks to me on a spiritual level (too much? idc).

Wayfair Rug 1.jpg

So I clearly have a type. This one from Wayfair is modestly priced and beautiful. Much more low key, but still keeps that trendy feminine vibe. It isn’t as big as some of the others, but is great for a small space. I imagine having this near an entryway with a gold and white bench and some fuzzy white pillows. Major heart eyes.

Wayfair Rug 2.jpg

I can easily get down with this rug. Much more understated than all of the others, but the worn look and beautiful pattern are too good to pass up. If you are a little wary about adding too much color, but still want something eye catching, this is probs the way you should go. Tbh, this rug is just timelessly beautiful and comes at such a good price.

Wayfair Rug 3.jpg

I know what you are thinking – no way would I ever put this busy ass rug in my living room. But hear me out. The neutral color palette is easier to work with than you’d think. Pair this with some fuzzy white pillows and a throw blanket of whatever pop of color your into, and this rug adds excitement without being overbearing. I’m not from Jersey, but I def know how to appreciate a leopard rug when I see one.

Amazon Rug.jpg

This little beauty is from Amazon, aka my holy grail. I love this one because it draws the eye to it, but still allows for something else to be the main focal point. So if you’re more into having a really dope piece of art on your wall or some funky side tables, this is a safe way to close the space. Super simple, super trendy, super affordable. What more could you ask for?

With love & lilies,


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