(Objectively) The Best Throw Pillows

Hi lovelies and welcome to part deux of my new series (that I just made up rn): Room Decor Redo (doesn’t it just roll off the tongue). As I’m sure you know by now, I love neutrals with a modest pop of color. And, since I’m very chic and with the times, I’m living for this minimalist trend that’s happening right now. And when I say “living for” I really mean am incorporating some of this trend, but still staying extra af. That is why I have decided to make part 2 of this mini series all about throw pillows (!!!).

I’ve found that throw pillows are basically the easiest way to give a space a little face lift without spending a ton of $$. Fun fact: you can buy your pillow inserts on amazon for cheapcheapcheap and then just keep reusing them for the rest of your life until they start looking flat. The 20″ x 20″ is a good size and these are the one’s I have been using for a while now. Use this size even if your buying 18″ x 18″ pillow covers. The smaller size pillows are juussttt too small to and leave the cases looking frumpy. 20″ x 20″ fills it out and makes the pillows look  more expensive because they are slightly overstuffed.

Pink Chevron - Overstock.jpg

Up first is this lovely knitted chevron pillow from Overstock. I’m into the knitted look because it says I’m trendy, but casual. Which is how I like to sum up me as a person (lol). As far as price and quality, it fits the bill. The color is great because it is nuetral, but still draws the eye to it. Plus, who doesn’t love a good chevron.

KNitted Pillow - Joss and Main.jpg

Sticking with the knitted theme for a minute, here is another version from Joss & Main. This price tag is a bit higher, but the quality of this pillow is wonderful. The diamond design, although all the same color, pops and creates a nice focal point. Def a neural, but the pattern and material make it instantly trendy and homey – so like totally versatile.

Mermaid Pillow - Amazon.jpg

I’m not a huge shades-of-blue person, but I really love these mermaid-esque pillow covers from the amazon. The pricetag is reason enough to order, but the design is actually beautiful. While these won’t be the best of quality, they will def look beautiful and add that high-key but not in-yo-face pop of color.

Gold Blotted Pillow - Wayfair.jpg

Onto my fav online discount supersite – Wayfair [hearteyes]. I love this one because I love gold accents. This one is clean and chic and not too much in the pattern. It really is one of those pieces that you can use from room face-lift to room face-lift because it doesn’t go out of style.

Cheetah Pillow - Wayfair.jpg

So there are more expensive options and much, much less expensive options, but this is the one I’m tagging. Is any living room complete without a cheetah accent? I really, really love anything animal print (PSA: not from Jersey) and this pillow has me feeling all sorts of heart eyes. I feel like everyone needs one?

Fuzzy Pillow - Target.jpg

So, if you hadn’t gathered from the somewhat eclectic mix of pillows I’m including in this list, I like to mix patterns and prints. I think, when done correctly, it creates a really cool aesthetic. So I’m obvi including a fuzzy throw pillow. This one is from Target and so reasonably priced and regardless, everyone should have a fuzzy pillow on their couch. Mosaic Pillow - TJ Maxx.jpg

Last, I feel like this bougie pillow is necessary. There should always be a little bit of bling. Even if you’re really going for that minimal feel, adding something with some personality is only going to make the space more interesting. And your girl loves some rose gold so there was no way I was turning this one down.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect throw pillow, which would ideally have something to do with dogs or cats, so if you have any suggestions on that front, or any styles I missed that I need in my living room make sure to leave me a comment!

With love & lilies,


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